Hosted by Mr.BB and his co-hosts, “The Quad Squad”.

Live in the D with Mr. BB is a weekly internet TV Broadcast based in Detroit, MI.Together we provide edutainment segments such as Physical fitness, Financial literacy, Information Technology Education, Entrepreneurial ventures,Weekly motivational minutes and events happening in and around Detroit! Mr. BB invites you to tune in Every Thursday at 9 a.m on www.wviefm1073.com

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Our mission is to share, inform, and cultivate growth in our community. As an edutainment channel we utilize social media aligned with the power of the microphone as one of the most influential means of presenting new ideas whether it is raising awareness for an illness, promoting a media channel, selling a service, or marketing a brand.


We want to help you share and grow your business brand contact us today to schedule your spot as a guest on our show Live in The D with Mr. BB.